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It’s a Workforce Shortage Kind of World: Effective Ways to Attract Employees to Your Business

Define your company culture

Company culture is the day-to-day modeling of values aligned with your message and brand.  This will help you provide the right environment for employees to meet their own needs while working toward business goals.  A healthy company culture will retain your employees and create an attractive space for new talent.

Keep in mind that all employees should have a voice in company experience and accountability should look the same at all levels.  Culture and accountability promotes your business to prospective employees.

Treat your current employees with respect

When you respect your employees, you honor their contributions and voice and foster their individual differences, talents and interests.

I read recently that 75% of employees have never been thanked for a job well done.  We were all raised with that Golden Rule.  A simple thank you honors your employees and your company culture.

Without respect, employee are likely to be less motivated and commitment and innovation suffer.  Positive morale will shine through and help you attract new employees who want to feel valued.

Offer competitive benefits/perks

You may not be able to offer the exact benefits and perks of your larger counterparts, but you can creatively mirror what they offer to remain competitive.

Offer a health insurance plan to employees.  If you can’t quite swing that right now there are health reimbursement arrangements that allow you to reimburse an employee certain medical expenses at a tax benefit to both you and the employee.

Get creative.  Tap into your resources and connections and find options that will give discounts to support your employees wellness and financial security.

Be active on social media

Even when not actively searching for work, people engage with businesses on social media.  If your business provides customers (and potential employees) content that goes beyond promotion, you will build an affinity with your audience.  These positive feelings and trust will give your business a lead over others, especially when you are working to acquire new talent.

Being active on social media gives your audience something to react to, starting a conversation that will further engage them.  Because of this, social media is only helpful if it is done well.  Decide on the platform(s) that best communicate to your audience and work on a consistent content schedule


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