Notary Bonds in Bremerton, WA

What is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is a legal contract involving at least three parties. The Principal (you), the Obligee (who is requesting the bond) and the Surety (the bond company). A surety bond is used by the principal to promise to uphold, complete and/or perform specified duties and obligations for the obligee. Common obligees include local, state and federal agencies in addition to the court system. Bonds include contract bonds used for construction, commercial surety bonds used for licenses and permits, business service bonds for professional services, and court bonds for judicial requirements.

License & Permit Bonds

  • Contractor’s license bond
  • ERISA (Employment Retirement Income Security Act)
  • Auto wrecker bond
  • Auto Dealer bond
  • Brewery bond
  • Distilled Spirits bond
  • Indemnity to Sheriff bond
  • Insurance Producer bond
  • Medicare bond (DMEPOS)
  • Port Lease bond
  • Right of Way bond (most counties in WA)
  • Street Obstruction bond (most counties in WA)
  • Structural Pest Inspector bond
  • Tow truck operator bond
  • TTB bond
  • Wine bond (most states)
  • Vessel Dealer bond

Contract Surety Bonds

  • Bid bond
  • Performance bond
  • Payment bond
  • Retainage bond

Court Bonds

  • Probate bond
  • Guardianship bond
  • Personal Representative bond

Business Service Bonds

  • Employee dishonesty bond
  • Janitorial Service bond

Washington State Specific Bonds

  • WA Contractor License bond
  • WA Electrical Contractor License bond
  • Agriculture Dealer bond
  • Aircraft Dealer bond
  • Aquatic Lands Lease bond
  • Auction Company bond
  • Auctioneer bond
  • WA Mortgage Broker bond

We offer a number of other surety products and bonds. In order to obtain a quote for these bond additional information is required. If you are interested in applying for a bond listed above or another bond not listed, please send your request to

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