Comprehensive Insurance for Land Surveyors in Port Angeles, WA, and Bremerton, WA

As a land surveyor, you do important work. Whether you map boundary lines, survey floodplains, or stake out a new construction project, many people rely on your findings. However, as with any profession, you can make mistakes.

That’s where professional liability, or Errors & Omissions Liability, comes in.

Cover Yourself With Professional Liability Insurance

As a professional, you know your trade. But because of human error, mistakes happen and people lose money. Let Callis & Associates help with needed insurance for land surveyors in case of:

  • Surveying errors, such as wrongly placed boundary stakes or topographical map plots
  • Erroneous advice to other parties
  • Wrong or missing documentation

In times like this, you need an insurance policy that you can fall back on.

Find the Perfect Policy for Your Needs

When you think about insurance, you might not be sure what you’ll need for coverage, costs, and other insurance factors. That’s why Callis & Associates Insurance is here to help.

Our expert insurance agents strive to find a customized insurance policy that is right for you. As an independent agency, we aren’t limited to one company’s policies. We search around for the best insurance deals in terms of coverage and cost which means you have more options.

Let Callis & Associates Insurance help you through our careful insurance process:

  • Discovery process to determine risks
  • Customized insurance plan that provides the best coverage at the lowest cost
  • Detailed report that reports what you have coverage-wise and what you should do in case of a claim against you

With our 100+ years of experience and focus on small businesses, we have you covered.

Request a Quote Today

As an important step in the construction chain for Port Angeles, WA, and Bremerton, WA, you can’t be without insurance. Don’t delay another day. Call Callis & Associates now to get a free quote at 360.452.2314.

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