Employers’ Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance in Port Angeles, WA

If your employees use vehicles that you don’t own on the job, you should consider employers’ non-owned auto-liability insurance. Speak to an independent insurance agent at Callis Insurance in Port Angeles, WA, or Bremerton, WA, to find the ideal insurance coverage for your business.

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Our auto-liability insurance for vehicles that you don’t own is recommended for business owners that have their employees use their own vehicles for company business. If your employee is on the job and involved in an accident, you may be held liable.

You also may be held liable for accidents caused by individuals who are not employees but drive for the benefit of your business. Typically, employer non-owned auto-liability insurance exclusively covers liability claims and does not include physical damage coverage.

We work closely with you to discuss how your business utilizes vehicles so that we can identify the best coverage for you. As an independent insurance agency, we work for you — not for an insurance company. We scour possible insurance plans to identify the best possible coverage at the best price and bring that information to you.

Our team works tirelessly to help you protect your business in case of negligence or accidents involving your employees. We know that you care about your business and want to see it last for years to come, which is why we help you find the non-owned auto-liability insurance necessary to secure you against possible claims.

Our History

Since 1948, Callis Insurance has served the good people of Bremerton, WA, and Port Angeles, WA. Our decades of experience enable us to bring you high-quality service that prioritizes your needs and always keeps you at the center of our service.

Discover the Callis Insurance difference by calling 360.452.2314 for a consultation today. Our agents will help you find the employers’ non-owned auto-liability insurance that you need for Port Angeles, WA.

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