Insurance for Excavation Contractors in Bremerton, WA

If you’re in the excavation business, you know the risks associated with clearing land, digging trenches and moving large materials with your buckets. Even for the most careful of equipment operators, accidents happen, and when they do, you want to minimize the cost.

Here at Callis Insurance, we assist contractors specializing in excavation and land clearing, and work to keep you covered in the event of an accident. While we can’t reverse the effects of the accident, we can help you keep the financial cost of it as low as possible.

If you are an excavation contractor, site developer, or utility contractor in Bremerton, WA, or Port Angeles, WA, or any of the surrounding areas, you can count on us to help you find the best insurance policy for your business.

Why Choose Us

We are an independent insurance agency. This means that, rather than only being able to offer you insurance policies from one company, we can search around for the insurance company whose policy best meets your needs.

Not only will our agents help you find the best deals on excavation contractor insurance, they will also make sure to educate you concerning your new insurance policy. This includes regular detailed coverage reviews informing you of what’s being covered and how much you’re paying for it. We want you to be aware of the details of your coverage plan so that you can take full advantage of it.

We strive to serve everyone we can, whether in or out of the office. We donate to many local organizations because we care about the well-being of those in our community. We believe that service to others, whether they are paying customers or down-on-their-luck community members, should be our first priority.

Why Wait?

While we mainly operate in the state of Washington, we are also licensed in Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and California. If you are looking for a company that offers insurance for excavation contractor in any of these states, give our office a call today. Call 360.452.2314, or fill out our form for a free quote online.

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