Insurance for Animal Service Organizations in Bremerton and Port Angeles, WA

Working with animals requires great compassion and attention to detail. You have a unique opportunity to provide love and life to creatures who might not get it otherwise, and you get to help animals find their forever homes with families who love them.

Working with animals also requires more than a basic insurance plan. For help finding insurance for animal service organizations such as Humane Societies, Animal Adoption Agencies, and Animal Behavioral Training organizations in Port Angeles and Bremerton, WA, and all of Washington, contact Callis Insurance. We work with six distinct insurance providers focused on animal services insurance and we promise to find you just the right coverage.

Protect Yourself and Your Animals

Animals need specialized care, which means specialized tools and equipment. There’s also the risk of bites from angry or frightened animals, and animal bites are very likely to become infected. When you own or manage an animal service organization, you’ll need a variety of insurance policies to keep your property, your employees, and your animals safe.

Building coverage is important if you own your own building. Animals can cause a lot of problems to a building, due to general wear and tear. Personal property coverage is also important to have if you want to protect your equipment and personal belongings on the property.

Professional liability is extremely important if you have a full time to part time veterinarian on staff or even a volunteer. Spay and Neuter services are exposed to professional liability claims even when offered for free. Even if your volunteer veterinarians have their own insurance coverage, the organization still needs its own liability insurance for any circumstances that could amount to a claim.

Accident Medical insurance is a generous and obligatory coverage nonprofit groups offer for volunteers. It gives the volunteers recourse for injuries and damages while executing activities for the nonprofit while other wise covered under their own personal insurance.

Because animals can be dangerous, especially when upset, you should invest in liability insurance. When things like medical bills and accidents are already covered, your employees can fulfill all their work duties and not have to worry about being too cautious to provide proper care.

Contact Callis Insurance

Callis Insurance has offices located in Bremerton and Port Angeles, WA, and our customer service line is always answered by a real person not an answering machine. And with our connections to dozens of insurance providers, we can find the perfect insurance for Humane Societies, Animal Adoption Agencies, and Animal Behavioral Training Organizations. We also offer exclusive humane service insurance with top rated insurance carriers including the states of WA, AZ, OR, ID, CA and ID.

For more information about the companies we work with, or to request a quote, call 360.452.2314 today

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