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As a car wash owner, your typical day is fast-paced, full of quickly resolving the problems that come up while you provide excellent service to your patrons. However, anything can happen, especially when there are cars involved.

Employees and customers can get injured or in a car accident, and property might get damaged as well. Then, there are the standard business risks, like employee terminations, water and fire threats, and vandalism.

Don’t find yourself in a tricky situation because of something that happened at your car wash business. Callis Insurance provides insurance for car wash owners in the Bremerton, WA, and Port Angeles, WA, area. Our insurance is catered to your business and provides the coverage you need to feel secure.

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Car washing businesses are similar to other businesses in some ways and totally unique in others. You need to protect yourself from mistakes your employees might make or accidents your customers might get into while on your property, and Callis Insurance can protect it all.

If you need insurance for car wash owners, you might consider the following coverage:

  • Business interruption including offsite power failure
  • Equipment breakdown including breakdown of your water pumps and systems
  • Premises liability for trip and falls
  • Garagekeepers liability to cover damage to your customers autos

These coverage plans, along with standard insurance like commercial property, general liability, and workers compensation, can cover every possible circumstance.

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Callis Insurance has been in the insurance business since 1948. That means we have over half a century of experience in the field, and we are eager to share what we know with you. You can rely on our experience and professionalism when your business needs insurance in the Bremerton or Port Angeles, WA, area.

Our insurance agents are seasoned professionals who dedicate their time to compiling an insurance plan that fits your business perfectly. When you work with us, you walk away knowing your business and livelihood are protected and secure.

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