Landscapers Insurance in Bremerton and Port Angeles, WA

Your landscaping company is the best in its class. Did you know, though, that one unhappy customer can ruin your business with bad press and lawsuits? Such is the reason for landscapers insurance in Bremerton, WA, and Port Angeles, WA. Callis Insurance has various indemnity policies for contractors in Washington State.

Protect Your Landscaping Business

A landscaping company is not like other businesses. Contractors are often mobile, which means that standard policies that protect company buildings are not as useful to owners. The best landscape contractor insurance plan includes the following.

Scheduled Equipment Coverage

This covers your mobile equipment while it’s at a jobsite or while it’s in transit to your next project. Equipment can vary in size and cost, but if you lose a major component of your day-to-day operations, you cannot perform the work you’ve been contracted to do. We offer replacement-cost coverage on newer equipment and cover your small tools all for a reasonable price.

Employment Practices Liability Coverage

This policy protects the business in the instance of employees filing suits for violations of their rights. Liability coverage pays for damages caused by sexual harassment, wrongful termination, failure to promote, and discrimination claims.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This type of insurance covers automobiles used for company purposes. In the event of a collision or other accident, commercial auto insurance can prevent your company from going out of business. We also cover liability for employees who drive their personally owned vehicles to jobsites or while running errands.

General Liability

This broad-coverage policy protects businesses from financial woes caused by bodily harm or property damage on the company’s premises or at a jobsite. General liability insurance also protects a business against legal fees associated with claims.

Covered claims range from broken glass from a weed eater to a break in a water line made by excavation at a jobsite, among other damages. It is important, however, to be aware of the stipulations outlined in your contract to ensure coverage.

Installation Floater

This policy covers materials while in transit and at your jobsite from perils such as theft, vandalism, and mysterious disappearance. Installation floater coverage is relevant for high-dollar landscape contracts involving the installation of valuable materials and equipment. This coverage is also an extremely affordable option that is often overlooked.

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Callis Insurance is your reliable source for landscape contractor insurance in Bremerton, WA, and Port Angeles, WA. We are an independent insurance agency that works for you, the customer. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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