Medicare Insurance for Bremerton, WA, and Port Angeles, WA

Your health is a priority. That’s why Callis Insurance finds you Medicare insurance for Port Angeles, WA; Bremerton, WA; and the surrounding areas.

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Do You Qualify for Medicare Coverage?

Most people think of Medicare insurance for people aged 65 or older. Medicare does provide insurance for many people in that demographic, but it also provides insurance for certain other demographics. People with qualifying disability status (as determined by the Social Security Administration) or certain diseases like end-stage renal disease can also qualify for Medicare insurance.

If you fit into any of those demographics, you may qualify for coverage. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for Medicare insurance, we can help you explore your health insurance options.

How Can Callis Insurance Help You With Medicare Coverage?

Health insurance can be a complicated process. We want to make finding your coverage as simple as possible. When you become a client with our agency, you become a part of our family. Our entire team will help you with any question or problem you have.

We are an independent agency. Independence means that we don’t look out for the needs of any insurance company. We are only look out for you. We will be your advocate in insurance situations. We won’t just push paper — we will advocate for you and provide proactive, compassionate service based on our extensive knowledge in the industry.

We have two offices and numerous relationships with insurance carriers so that we can best cater to your needs. With any insurance plan you qualify for, we offer detailed coverage reviews, so you can understand everything about your insurance, including your benefits and what to expect if the coverage ends.

With the intricacies of Medicare coverage, these detailed coverage reviews can help you understand which parts you qualify for, how you can enroll, and what you can do about supplemental policies. We will walk you through each step of the process.

If you need Medicare insurance for Bremerton, WA, or Port Angeles, WA, as a way to improve your health care, call us today at 360.452.2314 for a consultation.

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