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How Insurance Can Protect Your Photography Business

By October 9, 2019December 18th, 2019Insurance

If you are a professional photographer or a serious amateur who occasionally earns money from photography, then you need insurance. Insurance protects you from serious problems and can reduce your business losses. Here is a list of the reasons why you should get insurance as well as the types of insurance you should consider for your photography business.

Reasons to Insure Your Photography Business

Insurance covers a wide range of potential scenarios so that you don’t lose your entire business if someone sues you. Here are some common reasons why you should insure your photography business.

To Protect You Against Injuries to Others

Accidents happen when you least expect them, and someone could easily be injured either at your studio or on location. Even if you don’t work directly with people as your subject, your business could still be sued if someone trips over your tripod while you are photographing wildlife or if you left a prop behind that later causes damage.

To Cover Your Equipment in Case of Theft

Good photography equipment is expensive, and theft or accidents could shut your business down. Insurance can cover equipment so that you can replace your needed business tools sooner and with less money out of your own pocket.

To Obtain Permits for Restricted Spaces

While non-professionals don’t usually need permits to take pictures in state parks or other public spaces, professionals and those acting like professionals must have them. These permits are often free, but you must prove that you have a minimum amount of insurance to get them.

To Protect You When You Drive For Work

Your insurance company may not cover you when you drive for your photography business and you get into an accident. You may be completely responsible for not only your own expenses, but you may also be liable for other’s expenses should something happen while you are on the job.

To Protect Other People’s Property

Insurance will protect you when you rent out expensive equipment and this borrowed equipment is stolen or damaged. With certain insurance coverage, you are also protected if you cause damage to someone’s property in the course of doing business.

Types of Insurance to Consider for Your Photography Business

The type of insurance that is best for your business depends on your activities and the amount of risk that you can handle. Here are some examples of the type of insurance you might want to consider.

General Liability Coverage

General liability covers you from both personal injury liability as well as property damage. In situations where a permit is required, this is the minimum type of coverage you will need.

Commercial Automotive Coverage

You may want to consider this additional insurance if you regularly use any type of vehicle for business activities whether that vehicle is your personal car or a separate vehicle for the business.

Property Coverage

Property coverage reimburses you in case your equipment is stolen, vandalized, or damaged. This type of insurance will also protect your liability for damage to any equipment or buildings that you rent.

Errors and Omissions Coverage

Many people do not think about this type of coverage, but it protects you in cases of error or if the client claims that you misrepresented your abilities. For example, if you lost all of someone’s engagement photos due to a hard drive crash, then you would be covered against the client’s claimed losses.

If you engage in photography as a business, then insurance will make your life easier and protect you from losses. Callis Insurance can help you with your business insurance needs and can customize your insurance to match your needs. Check out our website and contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs as a photographer.

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